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- SmartOmi Boots Mini: A Truly Wireless pair of Headphones for Under $100
- A Must Have for Your Next Workout: SmartOmi U8 Headphones
- SmartOmi Boots Bluetooth Earbuds IPX7 Waterproof Headset Review
- SmartOmi Hybrid Ė The Bluetooth Headphones Battery Solution

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 SmartOmi Boots Mini: A Truly Wireless pair of Headphones for Under $100 Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

If youíve been looking for a pair of truly wireless headphones, chances are youíve seen some of the brands that are available out there but were scared away by the outrageous prices. But thereís hope as a company by the name of SmartOmi wants to take down the competition with their SmartOmi Boots Mini earbuds. The wire-free headphones are not only affordable but at a price of under $100 the audio quality isnít half bad. Granted I still believe that the Jabra Elite Wireless Earphones are the best truly wireless headphones Iíve ever used, at this price, dare I say that these are great if you need a pair of headphones that will simply get you through a few hours at work, or through that strenuous workout in the evening. There wasnít much to unbox as the SmartOmi Boots came in a simple case that just included the earbuds, their docking station, an instruction manual and a microUSB cable for charging. Itís worth noting that these headphones do not have wireless charging present which means you canít just throw these in your bag and keep on going so they will require charging as you would your smartphone after a workout. Also since the earbuds are docked to charge and not encased, chances are they may fall off the dock while in your gym bag or purse, so if I were you, I would put them in a separate pocket of your bag just make sure they are together. But SmartOmi does promise up to five hours of battery with over 200 hours of standby which is actually pretty decent. But Iím a bit of a critic, especially after being scorned before by earphones that dub themselves ďtruly wirelessĒ so I had to put these to the test. As always I put all of these wireless earphones up to six tests: Single Earbud Listening Well youíll be happy to know that the single earbud listening experience can be had by the SmartOmi boots. This is ideal when youíre at your desk and have to often take a phone call or two, or listen to your surroundings. I prefer to use the right ear for single ear testing, but I experienced no drop offs of audio quality regardless of which ear I decided to use. True battery Life testing (where I take the headphones fully charged, sit them on my desk at work, and play music through them until they die while timing the effort. A bit of a downer here as SmartOmi promises five hours of battery life for their earbuds, and the closer I got to that was four hours and 11 minutes of music prior to the headphones actually dying out. Now I know that they say ďup toĒ, and thatís vital in terms of giving a description of wireless headphones to a customer. Obviously, your experience may vary in the way you listen to your music, but using continuously for the allotted time, I only received that amount before it died [without a ďbattery low warningĒ at that. Sweat Test Ė We all sweat at the gym and itís good to know that these earbuds will stay in after a long workout, be it cardio or weightlifting. I have to admit, I was VERY surprised by the sweat test. Not only did they withstand a two-hour gym session, but I actually ended up forgetting they were in my ear for a period of time. After leaving the gym and pausing my music, it hadnít dawned on me that the headphones were still in my ear until I looked in my gym bag and the headphones werenít on the dock. But during the actual workout, the headphones never got choppy or dropped connection, and whatís more, they didnít build up a host of earwax in the tips which was an added bonus. Movement Test Ė I started doing this after seeing plenty of reviewers of Airpods shaking their heads to see if the Airpods would fall out, so it only made sense to incorporate this into the test In terms of movement, you can actually refer to #3 as I was able to move comfortably, even to the point of forgetting they were in my ears. Audio Isolation Ė Testing to see how isolate sound can be while in your ear. Can you hear your surroundings? Can you hear the person next to you? Since the SmartOmi boots donít have active noise cancellation, I wasnít truly amazed by these. Sure at high volume you wonít hear outside noise, but on a crowded train, I could still hear the elements and people around me (albeit muffled). This is a gift or curse depending on who likes that option. Music Playlist Ė Testing with a variety of sounds from Daft Punk to Chance The Rapper to Adele, I put headphones through a simple test. Is the audio bad or good essentially? This wouldíve been number one, but I always save the best for last. Using Spotify as my main source of music listening, I can say the SmartOmi gives a modest listening experience at its price. At the gym I like my music to be up tempo and bass-heavy, and with these headphones, the audio obviously didnít sound like those $300+ headphones, and I was not expecting them too, but there was something different about the actual audio quality. Iím not sure if itís because the earbuds form a pretty secure seal around your ear canal while listening, but when paused, or even at lower volumes, you can hear head movements and gestures which might sound odd but is bothersome to me.

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 A Must Have for Your Next Workout: SmartOmi U8 Headphones Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

The weather is warming up and Iíve begun taking my workouts outdoors! I love the fresh air, feeling the sun beat down on me, even while working up a sweat. What I donít love? That awful wire to my headphones getting all tangled up in my arms as I run, and occasionally getting ripped right out my ear Ė Causing me to have to stop and pause and fix my ear piece, and even possibly having to plug the cord back into my phone! Sure there are lots of headphones out there that are wireless so you donít have this problem, but have you ever noticed how uncomfortable they can be too, pinching the ear? Even worse, some are still loose and the earpieces still fall right out of the ear, especially once you get some movement going. Luckily I got to try my workout lifesaver- the SmartOmi U8 Bluetooth Running Wireless Sport Headphones. These beauties are soooo incredibly comfortable! They fit into the ear perfectly and snug (so no more falling out!) but they donít pinch! They feel great! They also have a rubber ear piece to securely place around the ear for extra hold. The rubber is super flexible and stays in place and feels super soft, smooth and comfy on the ear as well. These headphones are so comfortable in fact, Iíve found myself wearing them around my house or while I work for hours on end, even after Iíve finished my workout! Theyíre perfect to wear for long periods of time! They donít look goofy like some other wireless headphones too! They look chic and arenít so big that they look ridiculous when worn. The sound is amazing too! Clear, crisp, good bass and theyíre noise cancelling too.

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 SmartOmi Boots Bluetooth Earbuds IPX7 Waterproof Headset Review Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

Have you noticed that most wireless in-ear headphones actually do come with a wire? We are talking about the often annoying cable that connects both ear pieces together, dangling behind your head and bouncing up and down with your every move. With lower-end headphones, the shocks that occur as the cable hits the back of your neck can resonate all the way to your ears, making you painfully aware that the promise of completely wireless listening is yet to be fully realized. Contents [hide] SmartOmi Boots Bluetooth Earbud - IPX7 Waterproof Design and Build Sound Quality Whatís in the Box Pros Cons Verdict SmartOmi Boots Bluetooth Earbud - IPX7 Waterproof SmartOmi Boots Bluetooth Earbud - IPX7 Waterproof Search: Img Brand Product $ SmartOmi SmartOmi Boots-Upgrade Bluetooth Earbuds (IPX7 ) 72.99Showing 1 to 1 of 1 entries That is, until now. The SmartOmi Boots Bluetooth earbuds are fully wireless in-ear headphones that can be used either individually or in a pair. Itís even possible to pair each earbud with a different smartphone, allowing you to share them with your spouse or workout partner. Really, with such a versatile design, the SmartOmi Boots are suited for anything from music listening to sports, driving, fishing, studying, and even gaming. Design and Build The official product description refers to the color of the headphones as ďtitanium gray,Ē but, according to our own eyes, itís much closer to black than gray. The back of the headphones has a metallic color, and the two earbuds are differentiated only by the color of their eartips Ė one being green and the other one being red. It would be really handy to have the earbuds marked with letters, as you see on most other headphones. You will eventually remember which color stands for which channel, but it wonít be without a few frustrating moments. One earbud weighs only 0.155 oz., making it pleasantly lightweight and comfortable even when worn for an extended period of time. The headphones come with equally snug earhooks, which gently rest upon the inner part of your ears, providing safety and stability for various sports activities. Our initial reluctance to run with the headphones was quickly replaced with a newfound confidence in their ability to stay in place and not fall down on the ground. As an IPX7-rated device, the SmartOmi Boots Bluetooth earbuds should be able to survive complete immersion in water up to 1 meter for up to 30 minutes. This doesnít make them suitable for swimmers, but it does guarantee that dropping them into a pond of water or using them in heavy rain wonít cause any damage. And thatís a great thing because the SmartOmi are fantastic for the gym Ė a place overflowing with testosterone-infused sweat. The headphones are controlled with a convenient side button that can be used to change the volume and put the headphones into the pairing mode. Unfortunately, designers of the SmartOmi failed to find a more convenient way how to decrease the volume, other than forcing you to cycle through the entire volume range, quite possibly becoming deaf in the process. As such, itís much better to just take the smartphone out and change the volume using its controls. The battery life hovers around 5 hours, depending on how loud or quiet you enjoy your music. 5 hours wonít win the SmartOmi any awards, but itís enough to get you through 2-3 consecutive workouts without charging. When you finally deplete the battery power, you have to wait roughly 2 hours to charge it to its maximum capacity. The good news is that the headphones come with an automatic power-off feature, which turns them off after 5 minutes of no connectivity. Sound Quality SmartOmi have no qualms about the fact that the convenient design is the main reason why customers are likely to choose the Boots over more traditional Bluetooth headphones. That makes their excellent sound quality that much more surprising. The headphones connect to mobile devices using the latest Bluetooth standard, Bluetooth 4.1, which gets rid of all audible signs of audio compression. Indeed, itís unlikely that anyone except for trained musicians with absolutely perfect hearing would be able to tell the difference when compared to wired headphones. The sound is rich, detailed, and has that warm coloring that makes certain headphones such a pleasure to listen to. Even though we have much more expensive headphones at our disposal, we have found ourselves constantly switching back to the SmartOmi Boots. The bass is punchy, hard-hitting, but also well-mannered. It never forces its way into other parts of the audio spectrum, making the headphones suitable even for serious listeners who have developed the ear for how a good pair of headphones should sound like. A nice great extra benefit stemming from the relatively deep fit of the headphones is their ability to mute outside noise. While they certainly donít reach the same noise attenuation as active noise canceling headphones, they do great for general office use or on-the-go music listening. Built directly into the headphones is a small but able microphone for hands-free phone calls. The microphone really shines when only one wireless earbud is used, as it essentially transforms it into a headset. Whatís in the Box The SmartOmi Boots come with two sets of eartips (one large and one small), three sets of earhooks, headset case that doubles as a charging station, micro USB cable, and brief user manual. Pros IPX7 waterproof (can use in the shower) Option to use only one earbud (perfect for driving) or both earbuds Include microphone to use as bluetooth headset for phone calls Stable Bluetooth connection Good sound quality Decent battery life and fast charging Comfortable, small, and lightweight Retails for $72.99 Cons Annoying volume control Verdict If you want to experience complete listening freedom, the SmartOmi Boots seem like the obvious choice. With such a unique form-factor, the comfort and ease-of-use are what the majority of people will be most concerned about. The Boots excel in both, and they even sound pretty damn good on top of that.

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 SmartOmi Hybrid Ė The Bluetooth Headphones Battery Solution Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

For the last few months, Iíve been living with a unique pair of headphones. The SmartOmi Hybrid manages to be both a traditional pair of plug-in headphones as well as a pair of Bluetooth headphones. The combination isnít something Iíd seen before (although Iíve noticed variations on the theme since) and I was uncertain about at first. After a few months of living with them, however, theyíve become my favorite pair of headphones. One issue Iíd had with Bluetooth headphones in the past is the battery life. Itís not necessarily that the battery life of Bluetooth headphones is too short, but that they often become irritating for a while before they die. Nearly every pair Iíve tried has repeated beeping, spoken reminders, or other interrupting warnings that break into the audio before the headphones actually die. The effect of this is that I often end up shutting off the headphones before theyíre actually out of power, effectively shortening the usable time. The SmartOmi Hybrid solves that issue for me. The SmartOmi Hybrid has a feature that allows a cord to be plugged into the charging port, one side being a shorter-than-average micro-USB and the other side being a standard 1/8″ headphone jack. Once plugged in, this cable turns off the Bluetooth on the headphones and sends the audio along the cable like traditional headphones. When I first heard about this feature, I wasnít sure that it was something I would use. Time has proven me wrong on that. When going out for longer periods of time, Iíve found it incredibly useful to be able to carry a small additional cable to ensure that my listening experience isnít interrupted. Practically, as headphones, theyíre good but not exceptional. The sound isnít the best Iíve heard, but Iíve also never been turned off by the sound and grabbed a different pair. The only true downsides Iíve experienced are that, when plugged in, Iíve yet to find a way to control the headphones or music with the in-line controls the way you can when using Bluetooth. Also, because plugging in a cord shuts off the Bluetooth, there is no way to use the headphones while charging them (which, to be fair, isnít something Iíve ever felt the need to do). If you, like me, have issues with Bluetooth headphones running dead on you, the SmartOmi Hybrid may be a good solution. Theyíre currently available on Amazon for $45.99 Full disclosure: We received a complimentary pair of headphones in exchange for an honest review.

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